Tag: New Map Category

Tag: New Map Category

Our aim for the Scotland The Map Project is to include as many aspects of Scotland as possible. When we add new categories and sub-categories of maps to our library, we will tell you what it’s about and where we’re coming from it in these blog posts.

NOTE – We publish our knowledge maps about the ‘national local’ building blocks of Scotland in map posts, which provide a full description (including of all the knowledge elements embedded within / attached to the various knowledge seed branches, as well as any knowledge link sub-branch collections), options to view & download, and some ‘fun facts’ we discovered in the the making of them. Anybody can view the HTML version of the map fullscreen in a new browser tab, however to download the HTML5 file itself – for viewing on or off-line in any modern browser, on any device, without additional plugins – you will need to register for basicc membership (it’s free :-) . To download the original map in MindManager (.mmap) format – for ‘full feature’ viewing, amending, adapting & repurposing in MindManager software – you will need PRO membership, available for a modest annual, or one off lifetime, fee. If there’s an aspect of Scotland you would like us to knowledge map, then please get in touch.

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Use the tools in this panel, which is included on every page (as is the sticky menu at the top of every page) – to find the maps you are looking for. You can do a free text search, or filter by category, tag or publication date. Alternatively you can just browse the ‘All Map Listing’, or the ‘knowledge map of knowledge maps’ at the foot of this (and every) page for one that catches your eye.

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